Funeral Directors in Berkhamsted

Planning a funeral is a hard time, both emotionally and financially. Your loved ones should be remembered with respect and dignity. Loved Ones Funerals is a Funeral Directors in Berkhamsted and is the perfect choice to help you in your time of need. We take care of everything for you.

Loved Ones Funeral Directors in Berkhamsted

Loved Ones funeral directors in Berkhamsted, Hemel Hempstead guarantees to plant a tree for every funeral we arrange. We contribute a tree in remembrance of any loved one who has passed away. After the funeral, we give the tree to the family.

A selection of our coffins are constructed using wood fibres that come from recycled wood fibres, forestry or agricultural byproducts, or sustainable forestry activities.

In order to provide our families with care following the funeral, we offer bereavement counselling. When it comes to our methods and costs, we are transparent, truthful, and upfront.

What Service Does a Funeral Home in Berkhamsted Offer?

Traditional Burial

Even though alternative funeral practices like cremation or environmentally friendly burial options have become more popular recently, traditional burials are still valued and recognised customs in many cultures. It is evidence of the resilience of community and human connection in the face of loss and sadness.


Customised traditional cremations can be tailored to the specific tastes and values of the departed person and their family, including customs and rituals that hold special meaning for them. Additionally, cremations give families the freedom to decide how to care for the remains of a loved one.

Green Funeral Service

We have always attempted to conduct funerals in an environmentally responsible manner at Loved Ones Funerals. We provide a selection of LifeArt coffins, which are made from recycled wood products. For each funeral we plan, we also donate a tree in remembrance of your loved one.

Direct Cremations

This kind of funeral offers a hassle-free, less expensive option to the typical complete funeral service while maintaining kindness and caring. Our Jaguar estate car is used for the transfer to the crematorium. The ashes will be delivered to you at a prearranged time and date following the cremation.

Golden Charter Funeral Plans

Loved Ones Funerals is a proud advocate of Golden Charter funeral arrangements. These packages cover the cost of Golden Charter funeral directors, as well as additional optional extras like flowers, funeral notices, catering, and memorial stones, as well as a coffin, hearse, and transportation. Please contact us for further details. Our introduction to Golden Charter Funeral Plans has been authorised.

Take The Strain Away From Funeral Plans With Loved Ones Funeral Directors

Loved Ones Funerals will inform you of all of your rights and options and operate transparently. We believe that by providing you with time and advice on how to make the best decisions possible, we can meet your needs. We therefore don’t assume anything about you or what we believe to be best; instead, we do everything in our power to support you in making decisions that are best for you and your loved one. We guarantee to treat your loved one with the highest dignity, care, and respect, so you are welcome to visit and spend as much time as you wish with them.

Visit our contemporary office to discuss your needs with us over a steaming beverage. We’ve made a room where you can unwind, breathe, and spend as much time as you need to talk about the arrangements without feeling pushed to buy anything you don’t need or want. We’ll walk you through each option and let you make the final decision.

You are welcome to contact us as often as you would like or just stop by. We do not pressure you to make decisions since we understand how delicate this moment is. We would be pleased to meet with you at your house or at our location.

Why Choose Loved Ones Funerals?

With 5-star Google reviews, it is no wonder people are choosing Loved Ones Funerals as their funeral directors. Loved Ones Funerals are not like any other high street funeral directors. Loved Ones Funerals support all ceremonies from all backgrounds to create a wonderful farewell, embracing all facets of religion and culture.

Chris Foster, the director, pledges to treat them with the highest regard, decency, and care. We give them gentle washing and dressing, and if families would like, we encourage them to visit, spend time with them, and participate in this process.