Cheapest Cremation Costs in the UK

Cheapest Cremation Costs in the UK


Nobody enjoys planning a funeral, but we’ve created a research-based guide to help you estimate funeral costs and find the cheapest services in your area.

This blog post discusses average funeral costs in the UK and the cheapest funeral options.

Understanding Funeral Costs

Funeral costs vary depending on your chosen service type. Generally, funeral costs are broken down into types:

Basic Funeral Costs:

  • Doctor’s Fees
  • Funeral Director’s Fees
  • Burial Fees
  • Clergy

Additional Funeral Costs:

  • Catering
  • Memorial
  • Venue Hire
  • Flowers
  • Limo Hire
  • Death Notice
  • Service Cards

How Much Does a Funeral Cost?

Loved Ones Funerals LTD Cost of Dying research states that the typical funeral cost is £3,953. This includes third-party fee costs and basic funeral director costs.

When a simple funeral becomes more personalised, costs increase as more send-off components are included, such as limousines, flowers, and order forms.

A funeral’s accurate price will vary depending on a number of variables. These consist of:

  • Funeral Type: The average cremation funeral cost is £3,673, and the average price of a burial funeral is £4,794.
  • The funeral’s location: In the UK, funeral costs and fees vary, with some locations having higher costs than others.
  • Service and Personalisation Level: It includes any extras, personalisation, or optional services for a send-off. The funeral cost will increase based on how much you decide to add.


Average Funeral UK Cost

Funeral TypeFuneral Costs IncludeAverage Funeral Cost UK
CremationThird-party fees (celebrant fees, doctor’s fees, cremation fees)Funeral director fees£3,673
Direct CremationThird-party fees (doctor’s fees, cremation fees)Transport and coffinFuneral director feesReturn of ashes£1,511
BurialThird-party fees (celebrant fees, doctor’s fees, cremation fees)Funeral director fees£4,794
Direct BurialTransport and coffinFuneral director feesThird-party fees (Burial fees)PallbearersN/A


How to Have Cheapest Funeral Cremation?

Although direct cremation is the least expensive option, it may not be the best choice for everyone.

There are also some other options to consider:

Self-Directed Funeral

A self-directed funeral is one where the family handles all of the planning themselves rather than hiring a funeral director.

It includes the following arrangements:

  • A cremation reservation made with the crematorium
  • Caring for the departed one before cremation
  • Arranging the papers, such as the medical certificate and the cremation certificate
  • Planning and execution of the funeral service or ceremony
  • Locating and buying an appropriate coffin or casket
  • Arranging for the deceased’s transportation to and from the crematorium
  • Organising the service order, flowers, venue, catering, and other details

Look for the Cheapest Costs

Find a company providing the cheapest cremation services in your area. Visit different cheapest cremation, compare services and prices, and finalise the one that suits your budget.  

Donate the Body to Science

You can donate the departed body to science for a free cremation. UK medical institutions accept body donations for education, anatomical study, and research.

The family may ask for the body to be returned so they can have a private burial or cremation, or the institution may organise a cremation in exchange for donations.

Depending on their religious beliefs or familial traditions, some might find this a less desirable option.

Limit the Use of Extras

People spent an average of £2,669 in 2022 on food, flowers, limousines, and venue rentals. You can cut off these if you want to significantly reduce the cost of a cremation funeral.


Cheapest Funeral Cremation Cost UK

According to a study conducted in 2022, the following locations are the least expensive in the UK if you want a cremation funeral:

  • Hull: £2,896
  • Swansea: £2,982
  • Edinburgh: £2,285
  • Nottingham: £3,030
  • Manchester: £3,031

Cheapest Burial Cost UK

There might be significant price differences between regions, even within each region. So let’s take a closer look at the locations in the UK that are most affordable to organise a burial funeral:

  • Huntingdon: £3,868
  • Northampton: £3,972
  • Bicester: £3,135
  • Swadlincote: £3,576
  • Rhyl: £3,796

What is Covered in a Funeral Director Fee?

The duties of your funeral director might last much longer than you anticipate. They serve as a resource for funeral preparation and execution, and their team will see that all family members are cared for.

The funeral director’s role can often be divided into three stages:

Before Funeral

Before the funeral day, a funeral director will make the following arrangements:

  • Collecting the deseased
  • Giving assistance and guidance
  • Arranging for church visits
  • Assisting in planning the service
  • Creating service orders
  • Providing a selection of coffins
  • Newspaper notices
  • Filling out the required paperwork
  • Recommending a minister
  • Maintaining communication with all outside parties, such as the crematorium, church, and officiant, paying their fees on the family’s behalf, and overseeing all paperwork.

On Funeral Day

A funeral director ensures everything goes properly on the day of the funeral; for instance, they ensure that the vehicles and pallbearers are ready, the funeral procession follows the correct route and arrives on time, and that the sorrowful day is as stress-free as possible. They will communicate continually with the burial and crematorium site staff to ensure they perform their duties efficiently.

After the Funeral

After the funeral, they will stay in touch, frequently advising on what should be done with the ashes, how to collect and pay for charity donations, and how to set up any memorials. Additionally, a lot of funeral directors offer assistance with probate issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Direct Cremation?

In a direct cremation, the deceased is collected by the funeral director, placed in a casket, and then transported to the crematorium to be cremated. There is no service, and the funeral director often chooses the date for the cremation.

Why are Funeral Costs High?

The cost of hiring a funeral director, who performs substantial professional labour to execute a funeral, as well as the third-party charges for the burial or cremation—which include the cost of the service plus the minister or officiant—are major contributors to the high cost of funerals.

What is the Least Expensive Funeral Option?

The least expensive option to bury a loved one is by direct cremation. It is done with respect and offers you and your family time to choose the affordable and most individualised burial solution.