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Frequently Asked Questions

We will ask you to confirm what you would like us to do with the cremated remains. We will be happy to collect them from the crematorium on your behalf and deliver them to your address. The crematorium will hold the remains for up to 1 month without charge. If no instructions are received within this time, they will write to you requesting instructions to be given by a date. If they do not hear from you within a specified date the cremated remains will then be dispersed of within the grounds of the crematorium. We can collect the cremated remains and store them for you, giving you more time to consider what you wish to do with them.

If there are particular songs or hymns that the deceased has requested or that you would like to be played, many of the modern crematoria now have the Wesley or Obitus music system installed. The library of songs available can be viewed online at or A resident organist is also available to operate the music system as well as play the organ for popular/classical music together with hymns. It is normal for only two hymns to be sung during the allotted time unless additional time has been pre-booked with the crematorium (via the Funeral Director). Another feature available at many crematoria is a live web link of the service which can be viewed online by anyone issued with a specific event login and password. This means anyone not able to attend the service can view it online from anywhere in the world. Please ask for details

The mourners will normally gather close to the chapel entrance a few minutes before the appointed time of the funeral service. The service normally last 25 to 30 minutes and the allowed time for the whole process is normally 45minutes. This included the time it takes for the congregation to enter and leave the chapel, unless extra time has been booked in advance. When the principal mourners are ready to proceed, the coffin is usually brought into the chapel by bearers from the funeral director’s or the family. While the Coffin is being placed on the catafalque, the mourners take their seats and the service proceeds. At the moment in the service when the committal of the body takes place, there is an option for the coffin to be obscured from view by curtains.
The crematorium offers the following choice at the time of committal:

  • Curtains to close and the coffin to remain in situ,
  • Curtains to close and coffin to lower,
  • Voile drapes only and the Coffin to remain in situ,
  • No curtains, no voile, no coffin to lower – coffin to remain on view when guests and family are exiting the chapel.

The mourners then proceed to the Flower Terrace to pass on their condolences to the family and to view the floral tributes before leaving the crematorium. Floral tributes will remain on view and are disposed of a few days later.

Crematorium technicians carefully check and place a name card on the Coffin before cremation takes place. Sometimes the Coffin is not placed into the cremator immediately following the service but is securely retained for a period no longer than 72 hours, in accordance with the principles and guidelines issued by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management. It is then placed into the cremator in exactly the same condition as it was received. The body and the Coffin are then cremated. Any metals used in the construction of the Coffin or medical implants are extracted from the cremated remains and sensitively recycled. The whole process takes between 1 ½ hours to 2 hours and the cremator reaches temperatures of up to 1000°C.

The crematorium technician identifies each Coffin with a card when it arrives. This card is then placed on the outside of the cremator as soon as the Coffin is placed into it. The card stays there until cremated remains are removed and transferred to a cooling tray. The remains and the card and then moved to a preparation room where the remains are reduced to a fine consistency suitable for storage and eventual disposal. The card is then placed in the container containing the prepared cremated remains. As each cremator only holds one coffin and the cremated remains must be withdrawn before the Cremator is used again, all cremated remains are kept separate throughout the process. This guarantees that you will receive back the cremated remains of your loved one only.

Yes, by prior arrangement with the crematorium manager. It is preferable to advise the funeral director of this requirement as early as possible when making the funeral arrangements. This ensures that the cremator is available immediately following the service for your loved one.

The simple answer is no. Other charges are much the same for both services but remember with the burial there is additional costs for headstones and ongoing rental of the plot. The only additional charge for cremation is when the death has not been referred to the coroner where doctors fees have to be paid for the necessary certificates.