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Independent Funeral Directors

Independent Funeral Directors Providing Compassionate Funeral Services

As an independent funeral directors, we are more personal and flexible than large corporate funeral homes. The death of a loved one can be a very difficult time for bereaved families and friends. There are many decisions to be made, and the whole process to conduct a funeral plan can be overwhelming.

Independant Funeral Directors to Guide you through all the Choices

At Loved Ones Funerals Ltd, we have many funeral plans. Such as conventional funerals, green funerals with a forest burial, traditional cremations, and traditional burials. Or, if you prefer, we can help you plan a contemporary, vibrant celebration of the life of your loved ones.

Two Funeral Directors offering the Best Services

We are proud of the fact that one of the largest and most well-known funeral plan providers in the UK, Golden Charter, has selected Loved Ones Funerals Ltd. as an introducer representative. If you want to learn more about Golden Charter Funeral plans, contact us today, we would be more than happy to help. 

A Funeral that Preserves Traditions and Embraces Modernity

In a rapidly changing world, as independent funeral directors, we skillfully blend time-honoured traditions with contemporary practices. Independent funeral directors know the importance of preserving cultural and religious customs. Whilst being open to innovative ideas that celebrate the life of the departed uniquely.

Funeral Arrangements

As the local funeral director in Hemel Hempstead, I’m here to help a family with all the arrangements and the service itself. Below we have outlined these services, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. 

Traditional Funeral 

This is one of the most common funeral arrangements. It usually includes a visitation or wake, where friends and family can pay their respects to the deceased and offer condolences to the bereaved before being buried in a cemetery or churchyard. 

Depending on the family and their wishes the service can be held either at a place of worship or a graveside. It can involve religious rituals, readings, music, and eulogies. After the service, the deceased is then buried in a cemetery or churchyard.

Green or Natural Burial 

Eco-friendly burial uses biodegradable materials to allow for natural decomposition. If a family does choose this method, we will donate a tree as a small gesture to help our planet. This also offers a place for the bereaved family to focus on in memory of their loved one. 

Direct Cremation at a Crematorium 

This type of ceremony is a simple and cost-effective option. A member of staff will collect the body for cremation without a formal funeral service. First, they will be transported to our barn in a simple coffin, here we will care for your loved one until the time. At this time there is no visitation or viewing allowed by family or friends. Although we will be here to support your needs at all times. 

As a Family, you can choose to hold a memorial service later, at a time and place of your choosing. After the cremation, we can deliver the ashes to the family at a time of their choosing. 

Independent Funeral Directors offer Support beyond the Funeral

The role of an independent funeral director at Loved Ones Funerals Ltd extends beyond the funeral service itself. Recognizing that grief doesn’t simply end with the ceremony. As compassionate professionals, we offer caring ongoing emotional support and resources to help families cope with their loss and bereavement. 

The Funeral & Beyond

In the realm of funeral services, our professional service shines as a beacon of compassion and dignity. Our dedication to honouring lives with personalized and meaningful tributes sets us apart. Thus creating a lasting impact on the families we serve. 

We are guided by empathy and a genuine desire to support your family. We provide comfort and solace during life’s most challenging moments. Ensuring that the family says a farewell of the highest standards and a heartfelt celebration of a life well-lived.

We are here to help you

We aim to provide families with options that are more contemporary and appropriate for the present. We use a compassionate and sympathetic mindset, which enables us to provide a friendly, knowledgeable and memorable service.